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Issuance of an ITIN is for nonresident aliens who need a U.S. tax identification number and are not eligible to receive a social security number. In order to apply for one, a Form W-7 needs to be completed. In addition, various documents need to be presented along with the  form W-7  in order to obtain an ITIN.

Normally, someone who needed an ITIN had to go the U.S. consulate with all their documents and obtain “certified copies” of those documents, which are very costly.

Currently, it is no longer necessary to go to the consulate. Since July 30, 1999, Philip Stein & Associates has been the first acceptance agent in Israel that can accept and process W-7 applications. Furthermore, there is no need to pay for certified copies of documents. Just bring us the necessary materials, along with regular copies of such and we do the rest. It now is currently taking 6 to 8 weeks to obtain an ITIN. No more guessing if the IRS received your paperwork or waiting for weeks only to find out the IRS rejected your application. We have the experience and the connections to make sure the application is prepared correctly the first time and submitted in a timely manner so you can get the ITIN on the first try.

Our fee  for the service is 425 NIS VAT included. (subject to change at our discretion). The following documents are necessary in order to prepare and submit and ITIN:

    1. Passport – Valid Israeli passport/ a passport from another country of origin or If a passport is not available, for an adult, any two documents from the following list are needed:

National Identification Card
Driver’s License
Birth Certificate
Voter Registration card
Military Identification Card

  1. Documentation telling us why you need an ITIN, i.e.;  US tax return, original signed letter from withholding agent [these are the 2 most popular required documents], purchase contract, partnership agreement, or contract from publisher.

We request that you send scanned copies by fax or email in advance in order to allow the form to be prepared prior to our meeting. Please remember to bring in the original documents for review.