Philips Favorite Things

1.  Apple iTouch – I know everyone has a smartphone today, but I still love this gadget, it has my music, podcasts, apps and audiobooks.
2.  SportsCenter – This is ESPN’s  main news show and besides being from Chicago it’s another thing I share with President Obama; we both start our day with it.
3. PTI – Pardon The Interruption – This is a daily sports talk show hosted by two of my contemporaries Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser. They simply make me smile.
4. Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keane – This program has some of the most fascinating guests discussing  daily topics that inspire my podcasts.
5.  Milken Global Conference – I have been privileged to attend this yearly event several times. Where else could I meet Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Elon Musk and Magic Johnson in one place. The sessions,speakers and topics are simply outstanding.
6. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks – His weekly explanation of the weekly Parsha and his lectures leave me enriched and help expand my understanding of Torah.
7. Jackson Hole Wyoming – The air, the wide open spaces and pace of life stay in my thoughts and make me search for a reason to go back sooner rather than later.
8. Annual “Master Chef” Cooking Party – On the yearly occasion of my wife’s birthday, I gather all of my kids after filling my basket on wheels with goodies from Machaneh Yehuda. I pair off everyone into teams and after 90 hectic minutes a grand banquet gets created.
9. Watching a Chicago Bear with my oldest friend from childhood. We don’t watch the whole game since he is in Chicago and I am in Israel. But we celebrate, suffer and laugh periodically throughout the game while talking on the phone.
10. TRX – Love this form of exercise, I work out twice a week and while hard, is a lot of fun and keeps me in shape.

Music – My favorite songs:

Have you seen her – By the Chi-Lites
Mercy Mercy Me – By Marvin Gaye
Me and Mrs Jones – Billy Paul
I’ll be there – Jackson Five
Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing – Stevie Wonder
Gonna Fly Now – Theme from Rocky
I’d Really Love to See You Tonight – England Dan & John Ford Coley
Allentown – Billy Joel
Lake Shore Drive – Alliotta Haynes and Jeremiah
Rudy – O’Neill Brothers