Corporate Tax Department

Annual Compliance

Our corporate tax department evolved to serve the growing need of Israeli hi-tech companies establishing and/or expanding their presence in the U.S. Over the years, we have been successful in assisting many multinational clients in navigating the complex U.S. tax system.

We guide clients from the basic start up stage with minimal activity, to companies with various operations in many states. Our list of hundreds of clients has included many successful exits, as well as public companies. Our unique ability to communicate with CFO’s and their finance teams in Hebrew whilst working your business hours makes working with us a pleasure. We have developed a close understanding of conducting business in Israel as well as an appreciation for the local business culture. Having a good working relationship with the Big Four Firms and other major auditors in Israel enables us to expertly guide and serve all your tax needs.

 Our services include the following:

1. Federal Tax Filings  – Annual income tax preparation and correspondence with the IRS.

2. State Income Tax Filings – Each of the fifty states in the U.S. functions as a separate tax jurisdiction. We can assist you with the various compliance requirements in each state in which your company operates.

3. State Franchise Tax Filings – Some states impose a franchise tax either in addition to or separate from the income tax. For example, Delaware has an annual franchise tax due for any company which is incorporated in their state.

4. International Tax Planning/Transfer Pricing – Our vast experience in dealing with both the US and Israeli tax regulations enable us to assist you in establishing a structure most appropriate to your needs.

5. FIN 48 Analysis – Analysis of any uncertain tax positions for required disclosure in financial statements prepared according to US GAAP.

6. Hiring/Relocating employees in the US – We will guide you in providing all the necessary information and filing the required registrations when hiring local US employees. Additionally,  we will also ensure that your employee relocating to the US performs the proper tax planning to decrease his overall tax liabilities in the US and Israel.

7. Sales Tax Guidance – Depending on the activity and the product of your company, sales tax may be applicable. We can expertly guide you in determining if, when and how to approach your sales tax obligations.

8. Cooperation with Local Professionals – Our thirty years of practice have yielded strong relationships with many of the accounting firms in Israel, enabling us to interact effectively with your local accountant and/or attorney.

9. Networking – Our relationship with The Leading Edge Alliance enables us to provide you with expert tax guidance on any US tax issue you may encounter.

10. M&A Tax Consulting – As our many clients who have reached successful exits can attest, we will be there to guide you through the joys and difficulties of the M&A stage.

We prepare the following Corporate Forms

  • 1120 – Corporate Tax Return
  • 5471 – Information Return for a Foreign Subsidiary
  • 5472 – Information Return of a 25% Foreign Owned US Corporation
  • 1099 – Report of income paid to consultants
  • SS-4 – Application for Employer Identification Number
  • State Tax filings

For further information, please contact Adirah Goldberg, Corporate Tax Manager at:, 02-644-4003