Tax Documents Checklist

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Documents Required for U.S. Tax Preparation

  1. Consolidated financial statements
  1. US company’s solo detailed income statement and balance sheet
  1. The Israeli company’s solo financial statements
  1. Consolidation entries between the US and Israeli company
  1. Capitalization Table – Have any shareholders changed their holdings by more than 50%?
  1. Deferred Revenue – Revenue from 2010 or prior years still included in deferred revenue of US company as of 12/31/11
  1. Accrued Expenses – Schedule of expenses still unpaid in US company

Additional Information for Companies with U.S. Presence

  1. List of employees in the US, states located, and hire and/or termination date. Registration certificates for each state.
  1. Allocation of revenue, compensation, fixed assets and rent between states
  1. Copies of Forms W-2 and reconciliation to expense per financial statements
  1.  Fixed assets schedule – Including asset description and date of purchase