Individual Tax Department

Philip Stein and Associates is able to assist a varied range of clients, thanks to the expertise and experience of our CPA’s handling individual taxation. We deliver exacting service to holders of both large and small accounts, to Israelis relocated to the U.S. as well as new olim just off the boat. Below is a listing of some of the areas in which Philip Stein and Associates stands out in the area of individual taxation.

1. Exacting preparation of tax returns and calculations for Israelis relocating to the U.S.

2. Vast expertise on the interaction between the tax systems of Israel and the U.S.

3. Expertise and experience with clients worldwide in the area of foreign compliance rules that are impacting more and more people and where the IRS penalties are very high.

4. Superb execution of filing requirements for Israelis and other non-U.S. citizens investing in U.S. property.

5. Much experience with the filing requirements of U.S. citizens investing (real estate and other) in other foreign countries.

6. We got in on the ground floor understanding the new laws and have already minimized the tax burden of thousands of olim.

We prepare the following forms

  • 1040 – Individual return for US citizens
  • 1040NR – Individual return for non-resident aliens
  • 1041 – Estate and Trust tax returns
  • 706/709- Estate and Gift tax returns
  • W-9 – US citizens opening a bank or brokerage account click here to download now
  • W-8BEN – Non-resident aliens opening a bank or brokerage account click here to download now
  • W-7 – Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number click here to download now

Our services include electronic filing and electronic payment of taxes.

Return Prep – What to Bring

For more information, contact Fred Kahn– Individual Tax Manager:, 02-644-4010