Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing of Federal and State Tax Returns

Another one of the many services we provide at Philip Stein & Associates is electronic filing of tax returns. Meaning, your return is transmitted directly to the IRS from our computer system. This eliminates not only errors in posting the information, but also the worry about objects getting lost by regular mail. Last season we processed over 400 returns between federal and states. Another important feature is receiving a refund or remitting payment. For refunds, you have a choice of direct deposit to a U.S. bank account or receiving a check. Direct deposit refunds were issued in as little as two weeks time! For returns with a tax liability, you can opt for direct debit out of your U.S. bank account – all at the touch of one button! Again, no worrying about sending checks and having them lost, stolen or misposted by the IRS. Electronic filing is the way to go!