What to Bring

  • Forms 106 / W-2- Report of salaries earned
  • Self Employment Profit and Loss Statements
  • Forms 1099- Interest and Dividends
  • Stock Sales- please include purchase date and cost price (realized gain and loss statement)
  • Rental Property- income and expenses
  • K-1’s for interest in partnerships or S- Corporations
  • Social Security Statements
  • Form 1098T- tuition paid to a U.S. higher educational institution (college or university)
  • IRA contributions
  • Forms 1099R- Pensions received
  • Itemized deductions:
    • Medical expenses; doctor, dentist, prescription eyeglasses, etc…
    • Charity- specify U.S. or Israeli donation
    • Real estate taxes
    • Mortgage interest– only the interest portion of your payments are deductible. Please bring your year end Israeli mortgage statement for the current and prior year so that we can do the necessary calculations
  • Estimates paid– Federal or State. If you didn’t pay electronically, please bring a copy of the cancelled checks
  • Any changes to your family situation or contact information

New Clients

Please complete the personal information sheet. In addition, please bring a copy of your previous year’s tax return