Episode 122: Outlook on 2024 Part I-The Economy

Podcast episode name with headshots of Philip Stein and his guest Glenn Yago

Episode 122: Outlook on 2024 Part I-The Economy

Exciting News!

We’re launching a brand new series of episodes of “From the Midwest to the Middle East,” and what better way to start it off than by sharing the inaugural episode in video format? Introducing our new series, “Outlook on 2024”! Join us as we delve into discussions with esteemed guests from various sectors of the Israeli ecosystem.

In this debut episode, Philip engages in a captivating conversation with Glenn Yago, a renowned expert in finance and innovation. Glenn is a senior fellow and the founder of the Financial Innovations Labs at the Milken Institute, as well as the senior director of the Milken Innovation Center and Blum Lab for Developing Economies at the Jerusalem Institute. Get ready to dive deep into all things economy-related! Don’t miss out on this insightful exchange.

Watch now and join us on this exciting journey!

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