Episode 126: Outlook on 2024, Part V- Investment & Capital Markets

Episode 126 Title card featuring Philip Stein and Aaron Katsman

Episode 126: Outlook on 2024, Part V- Investment & Capital Markets

In today’s tumultuous world, marked by the ongoing war in Ukraine, congressional challenges in the U.S., rising interest rates, and the unfolding conflict in Israel, the resilience of the U.S. stock market is nothing short of remarkable, consistently hitting record highs against all odds.

Episode 126 of our series, “Outlook on 2024,” presents an engaging dialogue between Philip Stein and Aaron Katsman, President of Lighthouse Capital. As a luminary in wealth management based in Jerusalem and a frequent voice in financial media, including a weekly column in the Jerusalem Post, a podcast, and appearances on CNBC, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and an insightful perspective to the discussion.

This episode peels back the layers of current global economic dynamics, offering Aaron’s expert forecast for 2024 and the future of investments and financial markets.

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