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calendar page with sticky note reading "File Tax Return"

Maximize Your Tax Benefits: Why Filing an Extension is a Smart Move

There is a common misconception that filing an extension for your tax return is a bad thing or an audit risk…

Episode 119 title with host and guest headshots

Episode 119: Waste Not, Want Not

Did you know that around 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste? Now you can save money on groceries while also helping the planet and preventing food…

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Episode 118: Old Wood, New Life; Meet Daika Wood

Discover how Daika Wood is revolutionizing the wood manufacturing industry by repurposing wood waste. Join host Philip Stein as he speaks with CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Michael Layani about the…

Piggy bank and post it notes with "IRA", "Roth", and "401K" written on them.

Secure Act 2.0- Summary of Key Changes to Retirement Plans

The SECURE Act 2.0 was signed into law on December 29, 2022, expanding on the original SECURE Act. Learn about the changes to RMDs, the Saver’s Credit, and more options for accessing retirement funds for emergencies, as well as new Roth IRA options for high earners

Word cloud in the shape of the US Map.

What do the IRS Inflation Adjustments Mean For Those Living in Israel?

Learn about the recent IRS tax code changes and their impact on US citizens living in Israel.

Black and white 1099 MISC form set against a US flag in color

What Is an IRS 1099 Form and Which Form 1099 Might You Be Receiving This Year?

Learn about the different types of IRS 1099 forms and how to report income from sources other than a traditional salary or wages on both U.S. and Israeli tax returns.

Close up of hundred dollar bills

Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act Passed House, Aims to Decrease IRS Funding

House Republicans have taken a bold step towards fulfilling their campaign promise of cutting back on President Biden’s economic agenda by passing a bill that seeks to reduce funding for…

Podcast title with image of host and guest, Noam Sharon

Episode 117: Beyond Hummus: Meet CHKP

The alternative food industry is expanding at a rapid pace, and in this episode, Philip chats with Noam Sharon, Co-founder, and CEO of CHKP Foods. CHKP is engaged in the…

Episode title with images of Philip Stein and guest Amine Ayoub

Episode 116: Spotlight on Morocco

In this episode, Philips chats with an old friend of the show from Morocco. Amine Ayoub is a freelance consultant in Market Intelligence and Business Development and is frequently featured…

Black and white photo of Jerusalem Khan railway station side by side with photo of new Yitzchak Navon railway station

Time & Space – A Stroll through Jerusalem

As we approach the Jewish New Year, many of us review our lives and how we’ve spent our time. We think about what we did during the past year, both…

Episode title image of Philip Stein and Dr. Nadelman

Episode 115: Prevent Disease While Eating Chocolate? Meet Solveat

Join Philip as he chats with Dr. Zakhar Nudelman of the revolutionary Israeli company, Solveat, which “integrates herbal medicine directly into ordinary foods, making them extraordinary functional foods!” The future…

Image of Philip Stein and guests Rafi Shulman and Lara Itzhaki

Episode 114: Stressing over Aliyah? Olim Advisors to the Rescue!

Making Aliyah doesn’t have to be so intimidating anymore! With organizations like Olim Advisors available to hold your hand throughout the process and beyond, it’s never been easier to make…

W-9 tax form as a business concept with pen, calculator and sticker

Do you know the difference between a W8 and W9 Form?

There is no argument about it, no one likes bureaucracy, and no one likes paying taxes, but just like many things in life, we have to do it. Failing to…

Podcast title with images of host and guest

Episode 113: The Ins and Outs of U.S. Life Insurance for Israel Residents

After a long hiatus, we’re back with a new episode of From the Midwest to the Middle East! In this episode, Philip chatted with born and bred insurance guy Jonathan…

Passover scene of matza, and wine goblet


Numbers are a part of my everyday life. The three numbers above hold a personal connection for me.   Two years ago, due to various Covid-19 restrictions, my next-door neighbors…

Comic book style word bubble, with the exclamation"Aargh!"

From the IRS to the ITA

The good, the bad, and the ugly truth for Americans in Israel There has been a lot of talk about how dysfunctional the IRS is these days. In 2021, out…

Philip Stein and family posed amidst "Bialystok" sign in Poland.

Two Journeys As One

This week in the Jewish calendar, we began to read the book of “Shmot” (Exodus) once again. The seventy souls who are the ancestors of the Jewish people leave the…

uncle sam cartoon over blue background. vector illustration

Are you an Accidental American?

Uncle Sam wants you even if you’re just an Accidental American! The lure of the bright lights and professional kudos led Gil and Sara to New York. Their daughter, Noa…

Keyboard with "enter" key in red with the word "donate"

Did You Know You Can Donate Stock In Israel Tax-Free?

In the past, if someone in Israel wanted to donate stock to an Israeli charity, they first had to sell the stock, pay the tax on the gain, and then…

silhouette of man on mountaintop with dark blue sky and clouds

A Look To The Future

At this time of year, I believe most people I know are focused on the coming year rather than reviewing the year past. I think one of the reasons behind…

Chain of children in height order holding hands.

2021 Enhanced Child Tax Credit for U.S. Residents

As you have likely already heard, the American Rescue Plan has enhanced the Child Tax Credit for the 2021 tax year.

globe featuring circling airplane

From Israel To The US and Back Again…What You Need To Know

Working in the United States for most Israelis is exciting and often financially rewarding. The time comes for many to return home, but this can lead to many questions and problems that revolve around their finances and benefits.

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Episode 112: The Start-Up State Meets The Start-Up Nation

Arizona is having an economic growth spurt and has become a go-to state for the high-tech world. In this episode, Philip speaks with David Yaari, the Founding Director-General of the…

Podcast title and photo of Lee Moser

Episode 111: $50M Is Just the Beginning for AnD Ventures

Israel-based AnD Ventures just launched with a seed fund of $50 Million! In this episode, Philip chats with their Managing Partner, Lee Moser, about the world of Venture Capital funds…

Wall St sign

SPACs In Israel: What You Need To Know

Question: My investment advisor suggested that I invest in a SPAC; as a U.S. taxpayer, are there any obstacles to my investing in a SPAC? Answer: First, let’s explain what…

with Orly Wahba, Founder and CEO Life Vest Inside

Episode 110: Living Kindly

Tune in to Philip’s inspiring chat with Life Vest Inside founder, Orly Wahba.  “Orly is an educator, entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker, and community activist passionate about inspiring and motivating people…

Close up of silver goblet filled with red wine and ceramic dish with matza

Who Will Be At Our Seder This Year?

For most of my contemporaries, last year’s Seder was limited to one or two people. People’s tables were set out modestly, and the Seder itself was completed in record time….

Blurry photo of 100 dollar bills with United States Treasury check and "Stimulus" stamped in red.

Third Stimulus is On The Way for 2021

On Thursday, March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 into law. Below, we will discuss some of the tax-related provisions. First, we’ll review the...
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Episode 109: When Life Gives You Lemons, 2.0

Tune into this week’s episode as we talk to Yael Wissner Levy- VP of communications at Lemonade, an innovative insurance company that has disrupted the centuries-old insurance industry. Lemonade uses…

Toy house in flatbed of a toy truck

Leaving the Big City-Breaking Residency In New York and California

As we move into the year 2021 and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the world, one of the many areas that people have come to reassess is their state…

close up of 100 dollar bill right corner

Stimulus Payments- Round 2

As we enter our third lockdown and the Israeli government announces a fourth round of elections in 2 years, some good news—Americans will be receiving a second round of stimulus...
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Episode 108: By Women for Women

Have you ever learned a life hack from a video on social media? Chances are today’s guest is behind it. In this episode, Philip chats with Sharon Rechter, President and…

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Episode 107: Strategic Philanthropy

Join us for a breakthrough conversation on Israeli giving as we chat with the CEO of Keshet DAF IL and Director of JFN, Maya Natan, on providing donors an effective,…

image of smart phone

Airplane Mode

Anyone who has ever flown on a commercial flight has heard the following announcement. “At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright…

Estate Planning

President-Elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. and your Estate Tax Planning

This Memorandum was contributed by our colleagues at Benjamini & Co - Law Fim In a few weeks (barring dramatic court decisions), Joe Biden will become the 46th president of...


Tune into episode 106 as we discuss charitable giving in the new era with Ori Ben-Shlomo of JGive. Middle man out, all-inclusive tax needs in. JGive makes it easier and…

Image of the word "Plan" highlighted in a dictionary

Planning For The Day After

As we enter the 9th month of living with COVID-19 (who would have believed it would go on for so long?), I have started to think about how we will…

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One of the most significant issues facing both Israelis returning to Israel from time spent working in the U.S. as well as for Americans making Aliyah regards the various U.S....
Robin Hood statue in Nottingham, England

Robin Hood-Helping the Less Fortunate

When I was a kid, if someone mentioned Robin Hood, my generation immediately thought of the iconic Hollywood actor Errol Flynn. My kids would probably associate Robin Hood with Kevin…

photo of "meat" with podcast title

Episode 105: 3D Printing Your Steak Dinner-Redefine Meat

The meat alternative industry is booming and Redefine Meat is at the forefront with its revolutionary 3D printing technique that mimics the texture and taste of real beef. Meat lovers…

word cloud in heart shape about charity

Maximizing the Tax Benefits of your Charity

There are several misconceptions regarding the tax benefits of charitable giving, some of them specifically pertaining to US citizens living in Israel. We hope that the below Q&A, along with...
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Returning to live in Israel after many years abroad very often includes planning for assets that have been accumulated or acquired while you were in the U.S.  Three of the...
riseup and take charge of your expenses


Learn to stay out of the red and reduce the stress of managing your expenses by tapping into the power of riseup, the financial assistance service that’s only a Whatsapp…

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Welcome Home! Key Issues and Opportunities when Returning to Israel

One of the many trends we are seeing in the COVID-19 crisis is an increase in Israeli citizens who were working abroad returning home to Israel. This return is partly...
GILTI Update

GILTI update: Some Relief for Citizens Abroad

On July 20th, 2020, the IRS issued the much anticipated final GILTI high tax exclusion regulations. In short, any foreign corporation that pays foreign tax at a rate of 90%...
Cindy Azoulay podcast

Episode 103: Immigration In the Time of Corona

Visas, Greencards and relocation procedures in the Coronavirus era got you confused? We were too until speaking with Cindy Azoulay of AK Immigration, a global corporate immigration law firm in…

welltech podcast banner

Episode 102: on the Wellness track

Wellness. It’s on everyone’s mind these past few challenging months. Welltech1 invests in and accelerates wellness startups with the ultimate goal of increasing viability, seeking additional investment, and connecting to…

banner for K health podcast

Episode 101: Healthcare without the Waiting Rooms

COVID-19 has made us look at the health industry differently and brought telemedicine to the next level with K health, which stands at the forefront of this digital revolution. The K…

Wrapped gifts

U.S. Tax Benefits of Gifting

For U.S. citizens living abroad, one of the most overlooked tools they can use to reduce their tax exposure is gifting.  Two U.S. citizens living in Israel gifting back and...
Washington monument

Racism Then and Now

Racism is a difficult topic to write about. Sometime last year my wife Judy and I went to see the movie The Green Book.  Although the film tells a compelling…

the last dance podcast banner

Episode 100: Your All-Access, Behind the Scenes Pass to Netflix’s The Last Dance

Five years ago, we started on a new journey by starting our podcast. Today not only are we happy to broadcast our 100th episode but we’re thrilled to interview Jon…

Detail From Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Whitey, Jimmy, & Joe

When I was a kid in the mid-1960s, Whitey, Jimmy, and Joe were about 60 years old. I recall them, their faces, names, and stories, as semi-regulars, older men employed…

Podcast name: From the Midwest to the Middle East featuring image of Philip Stein.

Episode 99: Smarter Giving

Tune in this week’s episode as we talk to VP of Philanthropic Services and CMO at JCFNY, Ellen Smith Israelson, about charitable giving. We discuss next-generation philanthropy and programs to…


COVID-19: Does Your Transfer Pricing Reflect Reality?

COVID-19 has brought about many changes to our economic environment, causing consumers, businesses, and governments at every level to reassess prevalent economic truths. In times like this, it is imperative…

moving truck with boxes

Selling your home in Israel?

If you’re thinking of selling your home in Israel, the tips in the video below will help you better understand the U.S. tax implications.

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With A Song in My Heart

(or It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Pesach)   Ever since I can remember, I have loved music, whether it was my grandfather introducing me to Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov,…

US dollars

U.S. Coronavirus Stimulus Bill – Relief for Americans In Israel

This past Friday, President Trump signed the much-anticipated stimulus bill, the CARES Act, into law. Here is a summary of the key provisions that impact individual taxpayers:   Stimulus Payments:…

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Mandatory Curfew Then and Now

I am writing this blog a mere two weeks after Purim, when I sat with most of my family around our dining table feasting on sushi and pizza (you need…

cut taxes

Five Most Common Ways to Reduce Your U.S. Taxes

“Don’t you just take the information I give you and plug it into some software?” This is one of my least favorite questions I am asked because it is everything…

Vintage Greyhoung bus

Leave The Driving To Us

The title above is a slogan from an iconic American brand that seems to have faded away, the Greyhound Lines bus company. Back in the day, most college students I…

Stressed out

Money Transfers: What’s Bothering The Bank and General FAQs

Please enjoy this contributed blog by our colleagues at: A consistent concern that comes up in discussions with clients is that they get so nervous when transferring funds, mostly because…

Mural on hotel building featuring Kobe Bryant in LA Lakers uniform

The Untimely Death of Kobe Bryant

I don’t think there has been a death that has captured the world’s attention since the tragic car accident of Princess Diana at the age of 36 that comes close…

Word "oops' on black background

The Top U.S. Tax Mistakes to Avoid For Dual Citizens in Israel

The most common issues that make dual-status citizens living in Israel owe U.S. tax Our clients are always in a rush to file their U.S. taxes and get a refund…

Podcast name: From the Midwest to the Middle East featuring image of Philip Stein.

Episode 98: Waste Not, Want Not

Waste is ubiquitous; landfills all over the world are overflowing. UBQ Materials’ revolutionary and patented technology takes household waste and turns it back into reusable material. Tune in to Philip’s…

Father Time and Baby New Year's

Out With The Old, In With The New

As we approach the close of 2019, I am reminded of the classic scene of a very old man that represents the current year being followed by a baby that…

2020 direction road

The New U.S. Government Spending Bill: 10 Tax Changes for 2020

On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 into law. While this is essentially a government-spending bill for the year 2020, among the 700+ pages of…

Tax Harvesting Tips

Philip’s Tax Harvesting Tips

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is right around the corner. Watch the video below to learn about Philip’s important end-of-year tax tips.

Podcast name: From the Midwest to the Middle East featuring image of Philip Stein.

Episode 97: Fly Me To The Moon

Tune into this week’s episode as we talk to SpaceIL’s co-founder, Kfir Damari. We loved how even though SpaceIL’s Beresheeet mission to the moon had a hard landing, it achieved…

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The Trump Tax Reform–A Year In Review

It’s been less than 2 years since the Trump Tax Reform was approved by Congress and overhauled the U.S. tax system. As we come to the end of the first…

Horse With Trailer in Front of Petra

The Marwans In My Life

Until recently if someone asked me, “Have you ever known someone named Marwan?” I would have answered in the affirmative. But as of last month, I would have to answer…

Podcast name: From the Midwest to the Middle East featuring image of Philip Stein.

Episode 96: It’s NOT Too Late

Join us for this week’s episode as we take a deep dive into a a hot topic with Maya Jacobs, CEO of Zalul– Israel’s leading environmental NGO dedicated to protecting…

Dandelion seeds in the morning sunlight blowing away

Are You Fasting?

In Judaism, there are several important fast days throughout the year. Normally, a question like the above might come up around Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, and…

Podcast name: From the Midwest to the Middle East featuring image of Philip Stein.

Episode 95: Employment Law-What You Need To Know In Israel

In episode 95, Shira Lahat, partner at Yigal Arnon & Co law firm, shares critical updates on social media norms, confidentiality and how to avoid being sued. This episode is…

Podcast name: From the Midwest to the Middle East featuring image of Philip Stein.

Episode 94: Lights, camera, tricks!

We loved our time with Itai Tsiddon, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Lightricks. We learned about their latest round of valuing at $1 billion–the rare and coveted unicorn status….

Podcast name: From the Midwest to the Middle East featuring image of Philip Stein.

Episode 93: Smart Health

In this week’s episode we learn about award winning start up Healthymize. We loved our time with co-founder and CTO Daniel Aronovich discussing their breakthrough technology in developing personalized, (AI) based,…

Hourglass with red sand

Four Hours and Fifty-Seven Minutes

That was the length of the men’s final tennis match at Wimbledon between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic this year. There are certain sporting events that I look forward to…

Podcast name: From the Midwest to the Middle East featuring image of Philip Stein.

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go” -Dr. Seuss

Tune into this week’s episode as we talk to our friend Mark Feldman, CEO & Founder of Ziontours. Mark tells us all about the hottest destinations for 2019, the evolution of travel…

aerial shot of a long line of people

Waiting In Line

The other night I attended a lovely wedding on the beach in Netanya. After the Huppah the guests were led along a candle lit path to a sumptuous buffet and…

Map of USA

Investing in the U.S.

Many non-U.S. citizens enjoy investing in the U.S capital and real estate markets. They see the U.S. economy as a target for opportunity and significant gain. However, careful planning is…

Pulse trace

Keeping your finger on the GILTI Pulse

Updates from the new final and proposed regulations and what they mean for individual taxpayers: On June 14th the IRS released much anticipated final regulations on the general rules of…

Podcast name: From the Midwest to the Middle East featuring image of Philip Stein.

The ‘Watson’ of Investments?

Tune is as Philip speaks with Yali Harari, Co-Founder and CEO at Innovesta, a unique digital platform for early stage equity investments, allowing investors and entrepreneurs to incorporate effective real-time crowd-diligence…


3 Times GILTI May Still Apply To You

The danger of the new Global Intangible Low Taxed Income (GILTI) rules has been greatly reduced with the new proposed regulations recently released. These regulations allow individuals filing under Sec….

Philip Stein, CPA Zippora Zadok, General Manager

Episode 90–Turning the Tables

There is a saying that ‘Life begins at 40′. For podcast episode number 90, to mark Philip Stein & Associates’ 40th anniversary, we are turning the tables. In this episode,…

Photo of a little boy in his grandfather's arms.

The Circle of Life (In Reverse)

In the famous Disney classic, The Lion King, a powerful message is delivered about tradition being passed from generation to generation. The father, Mufasa, transmits to his son Simba, the…

Apple Store image

Will The IRS Take A Bite Of The New Apple Card?

Following Apple’s recent March announcements conference, the biggest buzz was about their Apple Card.  You will have to decide independently if you want to give Apple even more power over…


Times Square, The Avalon Theater and Patagonia

THE NEW YORK TIMES:   It was reported recently that George Mendonsa, the sailor who was in the iconic photo kissing a nurse, Greta Zimmer Friedman, in Times Square on…

Good News

Exciting Update Regarding GILTI Tax

The IRS has just published proposed regulations on internal revenue code Sec. 250 and how it relates to Global Intangible Low Taxed Income (GILTI).  For those unaware, the new GILTI…

Bialystock sign

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio…?

…. Jolting Joe has left and gone away. The words above come from one of the most well-known songs of modern times.  These lyrics came to mind during a 2…


Advantages of the U.S. Life Insurance Market for International Clients

 Contributed by our trusted colleagues at: Introduction Affluent individuals with citizenship and assets in multiple countries often have complex planning needs and must frequently consider the jurisdiction where their assets…

Podcast name: From the Midwest to the Middle East featuring image of Philip Stein.

Feminism and Business: 2019

Tune in to this week’s conversation as we talk to Hana Rado, Vice Chairwoman of McCANN Tel Aviv, an accomplished social business entrepreneur and liberal feminist. Hana shares with us her life’s…

Israeli shekels

Israeli Law Restricting Cash Use Goes Into Effect

Israeli law limiting cash use for purchases or payment of wages has gone into effect in January 2019 and violators could face up to 3 years in jail. Under the…


Key Issues For Relocation-Part 3

  In my previous blog I discussed potential income tax issues such as Federal tax, state tax and PFIC tax that arise upon becoming a U.S. resident. In this blog I…


Out With The Old…

As we approach the end of 2018, I am reminded of the often quoted phrase “Out with the old and in with the new”. This seems to suggest that whatever…


Key Issues For Relocation-Part 2

In my previous blog post I discussed the issue of residency that must be addressed upon relocation from Israel to the U.S. Depending on the number of days someone spends…

Pushpin on calendar

Important Year-End Reminders

As the year-end approaches, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you about a number of important tax issues that may be relevant to you: PFIC alert– Please carefully…

PStein Podcast

Investing In The Future Of Mobility

Tune into this week’s podcast while Philip speaks with Michael Granoff, founder and managing director of Maniv Mobility and past board member of Better Place. As he’s also been involved…


Key Issues For Relocation-Part 1

As Israel continues to grow as a country, its knowledge in both the Hi-Tech and Medical fields have made its workers some of the most sought after in the world….

PStein Podcast

Social Cure For Cancer

Join us for this week’s episode while we talk to Eliran Malki, CEO of Belong, the world’s largest social network for cancer patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Eliran shares his insights…

Online payment and shopping

Sales Tax May Be The Biggest Tax Issue You’ll Face In 2019

Earlier this year the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its anticipated decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair. The case challenged South Dakota’s application of its sales tax to internet retailers who…


Proposed Regulations On GILTI Are Released

As the new GILTI laws become part of our business lives, the IRS issued some guidance in September. In light of this new guidance and with the end of the…

PStein Podcast

Mary Jane On The Brain?

This week’s happy episode discusses innovation at its best! Chatting with Elad Barak, director of Biz Dev at Canada’s Province Brands got us excited about the direction of the cannabis…

Megaphone announcement

Once a Resident, Always a Resident…

Determining one’s tax residency is probably the most important issue for people moving to and from Israel. This recent Israeli Supreme Court case, as interpreted below by our colleague attorney…

Adult and baby hands


Up until recently when I heard the term “channeling” I was most certain that the term referred to building the Suez or Panama Canal or tunneling out of a prisoner…

PStein Podcast

From Emerging Artists To The Greats…Art Anyone?

You’re invited to join the conversation on the art fund industry! On this week’s episode we talk to Serge Tiroche, Founder of Art Vantage Global, about his personal journey that…

Prices of real estate in the city

New Opportunities for Investment Structures in US Real Estate (Part 2)

In my previous blog post, I explored the three classic ways for non-US taxpayers to structure their investments in U.S. real estate, and the main advantages and disadvantages of each….

Prices of real estate in the city

New Opportunities for Investment Structures in US Real Estate (Part 1)

Investing in U.S. real estate has become a very attractive investment alternative for Israelis seeking higher returns than those obtained by traditional bank deposits. There are no exact figures on…

PStein Podcast

All About Asia

Tune into this week’s episode while we interview Amotz Asa-El, Jerusalem Post’s senior commentator and editor of the Jerusalem Report. Asa-El covers Israel’s pivot to Asia and dives into Israel’s economic connections with…

U.S. Passport

Your U.S. Passport Might Be In Danger If You Fail To Settle Your Tax Debts

American citizens might be denied new passports if they fail to settle their debts to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An IRS official has told the Wall Street Journal…

Buy now button on the keyboard - Stock image

South Dakota vs. Wayfair: Supreme Court Overrules Quill

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued the long-awaited ruling in South Dakota vs. Wayfair , which eliminates the physical presence requirement for sales tax. Up until now, based on the Supreme…


The Day the Music Died

Last month, famed American musician Don McLean performed in Israel. While I didn’t attend his concert, I read that he concluded his show with one of the most famous songs…

tax reform

GILTI Until Proven Innocent

‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’ ― Benjamin Franklin The Trump Reform (Tax Cuts & Jobs Act) made a number of changes for U.S. citizens living overseas and how…



When I was young my friends and I used to watch a television program called The Time Tunnel. Recently my wife has become a fan of a new show called…

Cryptocurrency graph

How to Reduce Taxes on Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Great interest in cryptocurrencies has alerted the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which has decided to crack down on Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Bitcoin broker Coinbase has already started…

tax forms puzzle

The State and Local Tax Deduction, Explained

The newly approved US tax reform includes many changes that impact each American taxpayer regardless of where he or she lives. One such change is that those who itemize deductions…

Finance graph

Teudot Sal – The End of an Era is Delayed

Since 1986, U.S. citizens living in Israel have been penalized in the form of higher U.S. taxes if they choose to invest some of their savings in Israeli or non-U.S….


The Repatriation Tax, Some Guidance at Last…..

The IRS recently published a news release in Q&A format on the Section 965 Repatriation Tax which was introduced as part of the new federal tax reform. In short, this…


The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program: March 2009 – September 2018-RIP

On March 13th the IRS announced the end of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP), which enabled U.S. residents living abroad to avoid criminal penalties and securely fixed terms when…

10 Plagues

Surviving the 10 Plagues of the Trump Tax Reform

I have been thinking a lot about survival lately, ever since I attended the conclusion of my youngest daughter’s “Survival Week” in the Ramon Crater as part of her pre-army…

PStein Podcast

Stocks Anyone?

Join us while we talk to Robert Weiss, an attorney specializing in international transactions, about the main mistakes you should avoid when hiring your investment advisor,  choosing stock investments for…

Bitcoin andre-francois

Paying Tax On Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies In The US and Israel

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been talked about over the past couple of years, however, with a recent explosion in value, people are becoming more curious. We have some clients…


How Will The New Repatriation Tax Affect You?

One of the changes included in the Trump tax reform, that will affect many U.S. taxpayers living abroad, including in Israel, is the amendment of Section 965, otherwise known as…


Disregarded No Longer – The Resurgence Of The LLC

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to open an American company, investor in US real estate, or the owner of a virtual store on Amazon, forming a Limited Liability Company…

Online payment and shopping

What has changed in sales tax collection

At the end of 2017, online retailers accounted for more than nine percent of all retail sales in the US. Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone generated above $12 billion…

Iv drip on the background of monitoring ECG.

The Medical Device Excise Tax: Suspended Animation

Israel’s medical device scene is flourishing these days. A report published last year by the IATI organization indicates that in 2016 alone, local medical device companies raised a total of…

PStein Podcast

Have your cake…

Tune in to this week’s episode as we talk to Immigration lawyer – Michael Davis from his home in Minnesota. Michael answers our questions regarding US visa waivers, work visas…

Us passport in bag

The Pros And Cons Of Giving Up Your American citizenship

Over the past three years, the number of US citizens living abroad who have expatriated has increased substantially. Statistics provided by the Treasury Department indicate that in 2016 alone a…

Child Tax Refund

American families stand to benefit from increased child tax refunds in wake of US tax reform

An average family with five kids may be entitled to receive an additional $2,000 a year, or even more. The new US tax-reform legislation includes some changes which promise to…

Your Bank Account Information is Shared by the IRS with Israel’s Income Tax Authority

It has recently been reported that the United States has disclosed to the Israel Income Tax Authority the names of 40,000 Israelis who hold bank accounts in the US. This…

Israeli Start-Ups Are Not Going Anywhere Yet, Despite US Tax Reform

Judging by the headlines of Hebrew newspapers the day following the US Senate’s approval of the Trump administration’s tax reform, one could assume that Israeli entrepreneurs would now leave the…


2017 End Of Year Tax Planning

The end of the year is a perfect time to assess our financial activities and start planning our next moves. It is also the right time to examine tax strategies…


Walking (or Sitting) in the Footsteps of My Forefathers

Very often when I meet tourists or new immigrants to Israel, one of their first comments goes something like this: “Today, I walked in the exact footsteps of Avraham Avinu…

matthieu-joannon wine glasses

Quality Over Quantity?

It seems to me that two expressions came into popular western culture during the 80’s, “No pain, No gain” probably thanks to Jane Fonda and her exercise video tapes and…

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Tech Trends 2018 with Hanan Brand

Tune in to our latest episode as we discuss the venture capital world with Hanan Brand, partner at Cornerstone Venture Partners, an early stage NY based VC fund. Hanan shares…

Financial workshop – The 10 year tax exemption on foreign income

In partnership with Nefesh B’Nefesh, we present the following workshop : As the saying goes, “all good things come to an end”, and so for the first group of people…

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High Tech Around the Globe

Paul Berwin, a tech and commercial lawyer based in Leeds, travels to Israel from time to time and we were lucky enough to have him take a few minutes and…


All about VR

Eran Orr needed physical therapy, but he found out the hard way that it wasn’t easy to do. It’s always a big part of rehabilitation, but no one wants to…

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Trump Presidency Predictions with Michael Oren

Join us on this week’s compelling conversation with MK and Deputy Minister for Diplomacy in the Prime Minister’s Office, Michael Oren as we discuss Kerry’s recent speech, Obama and the…

child moving to the front seat

Moving From The Back Seat To The Front Seat

Most of my generation spent our childhoods in the back seat of an automobile, being driven around by parents, grandparents and older siblings. At some point, as you become a preteen, you get the right to sit up front and begin to see up close the mechanics of driving.

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How to Avoid Common Mistakes with your Social Security Benefits

Join us on this week’s brand new episode as we talk with Attorney Avram Sacks about the best way for you to apply for your benefits; how and when to…

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Trump and Investing 2017

As we enter 2017, we took some time to speak to Yigal Marcus from Alliance Bernstein about Trump’s election, Brexit, interest rates and the recent movement of refugees to Europe, getting…

Confessions of a White Sox Fan

Despite all the hype this spring, I, a die-hard South Sider and Chicago White Sox fan, had no interest in the Cubs back on opening day. In fact, I could…

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Ladies and Gents- the H word

Join us on this happy episode as we talk with Tal Ben Shahar about what makes us happy and unhappy. It’s not that difficult in our opinion. What are your thoughts?

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Investing in Israel

Tune in to our latest episode interviewing Lenny Roth from Ourcrowd on wall street, the Israeli start up scene and what you need to know about investing in Israel.

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Goldstein on Gelt

We are glad to introduce Doug Goldstein, Financial planner to U.S. expats mainly helping those living in Israel with their U.S. brokerage, IRA and investment accounts. We discuss the latest…

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The one thing CEO of WalkMe- hottest start up in town would change about life in Israel

We’re excited to talk to Raffi Sweary, CEO and co founder at WalkMe this week. Raffi shares his latest success on the hottest start up out there and lets us in on…

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Stockholm-Silicon Valley-Modiin

In this episode we speak with serial entrepreneur Net Jacobsson. From SonyEricsson to Facebook to Sparklabs, Net shares his experiences from Sweden, Silicon Valley and Israel. Enjoy!

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3D Printing Anyone?

Tune in to our latest on Nano Dimension, an Israeli startup researching and developing advanced 3D printed electronics. We spoke to Simon Fried to better understand the world of 3D printing…

BREXIT-Independence Day-And 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Whether or not you were aware of Brexit before the UK referendum, it seems to have become one of the most popular topics of conversation these past few days. Today…

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Touring in China

We are proud to have a special, different kind of guest on this weeks podcast. Tune into this interview with Judy Stein- Chinese Medicinal Practitioner, discussing acupuncture, herbs, massage, her 4th…

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Entrepreneurship anyone?

Tune into our latest episode interviewing a dear person and friend, Dr. Alan Joseph Bauer, author and inventor of over 150 patent applications, talk about his entrepreneurial journey and his…

Social Media

Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali

In these days of social media and paparazzi, celebrity sightings are few and far between, even though the public has an insatiable thirst to catch a glimpse of a famous…

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Ladies and Gentlemen – Introducing Professor Dan Ben David

Tune into our latest episode interviewing Professor Dan Ben-David, founder and President of the new independent, non-partisan, Shoresh Institution for Socioeconomic Research and learn about Shoresh’s current insights on Israel’s elections,…

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The Future of Virtual Reality

Tune into our latest podcast interviewing Shahar Bin Nun, CEO of Vuze, the world’s first consumer, portable 360° 3D Virtual Reality camera and software studio. Shahar tell us about Vuze’s latest VR…

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Celebrating Israel with Mass Challenge

In honor of Israel turning 68, we thought what better way to celebrate than to share Mass Challenge’s story and celebration of opening a brand new branch in Jerusalem with…


A Bet and a Debt

One thing in common between a bet and a debt is that someone has to pay up and the other side gets paid. Generally, bets are paid after the results…

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An Israeli Startup Story

This episode is a little bit different. We loved talking to Ziv Lautman, Co-Founder of one of the hottest startups out there, Breezometer. Check out what he has to say…

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Life of Hope

We loved speaking with our dear friend Ben Corn, Professor of Oncology at Tel Aviv University about his work at Life’s Door, an NGO that develops innovative approaches to facing illness and loss…

stars rated

It’s All About Service!

Shopping is not my favorite activity, but when I do shop, it is generally during one of my business trips to the U.S. I have established my own spectrum of…

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Israeli Biomed in Morocco

Tune in to our latest episode interviewing Amin Ayoub, Director of KKB Partners. Learn about opportunities for Israeli Biomed and Agricultural businesses in Morocco and how you can grow your…

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Giving Back

Tune in to our latest episode where we get to talk to our firms Hi Tech and Corporate Tax Director, Miriam Konstam about our giving back initiative called 1/1/1. Learn…

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My Life

One of my favorite Beatles songs is called “ In my Life” It speaks of people and places we knew and loved, who are no longer with us or…

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When Science Meets Nature

We are thrilled to start out 2016 with a long time friend and colleague- Dr. Billy Levine, who also happens to be the Co-founder of a fascinating startup. Tune in…

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An Innovative Startup Improving Lives

As 2015 comes to a close, we are thrilled to talk to CEO and Founder of Telesofia Medical, Dr. Rami Cohen. Tune in to hear how this startup got mentioned as one…

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2015, It’s been a blast!

Celebrating the December 15th deadline and 2015 coming to an end by providing you with our first studio recording podcast episode! We put together a summary of all we learned so far since…

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Wealth Management with Ben Maimon

Are you a US tax payer? Tune in to our podcast and find out why wealth management is so important these days. Philip Stein discusses the current financial state with Ben Maimon of…

Menorahs in Jerusalem

A Jerusalem Cab Ride & Chanukah

I have taken cab rides all over Israel and in as exotic places as Cairo, Egypt, LiJiang​,​ China and Tijuana, Mexico. I had not thought of my Mexican cab ride in…

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Pension Counseling Tips

Most of us want to live a long life, but do we all want to work that long? Tune in to this week’s podcast to learn the best way to…

Family cartoon

The Gift of Quality Time

I just got off the phone with my 89 year old father-in-law as​ he was rushing off to work (yes, he’s still working daily ​as a psychologist)​.​ He​ wanted to let me know about an article…

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From Israeli Startups to Investing in US Real Estate

What is the most common mistake entrepreneurs make when starting their companies, with regard to patents? How can they protect their IP and where should they register their patent? Get a…

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Currency Exchange Pricing Made Easy and Transparent

Tune into our latest podcast interviewing Ari Dobner, CEO of Clearshift on the newest exchange pricing. What is it that you are missing when converting a foreign currency to or…

texas flag

What Is The Connection Between Houston and Kathmandu?

What is the connection between Houston and Kathmandu , you may ask ? I spent a few days this week visiting my sister, a long time resident of Houston, and…

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Investing in an Uncertain World

What is the best investment strategy to follow given this macro-economy in Europe, US and Israel? In this episode we interview a dear and charismatic colleague of ours, founding partner…

Passover haggadah Wikimedia

Passover 5775

One year ago today, my late father fell and broke his hip. That fall ultimately led to his demise 3 months later at the age of 90 1/2. My father was…

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The Israeli startup that acquired Serbian Games Development Studio

Tune in to this week’s podcast interviewing Vic Boaron – head of business development at TabTale– The Israeli start up that acquired Serbian games development studio. Learn about your kids mobile playing habits…

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The power of electric vehicles

What car will you be driving next? It is estimated that by 2020, more than 20 percent of all new vehicles sold will be electric and that almost 20 million EVs…

Photo by Jordan Ladikos on Unsplash

Go East Young Man

When I was a young boy growing up in Chicago, going to the East Side meant you ended up in Lake Michigan. In fact, until I was in my teens, I had never…

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Outlook on Financial Market

Tune into this weeks podcast interviewing Daniel Fink, senior analyst at Sweetwood Capital. 2015 has started with much volatility, a soaring dollar, weakening euro, oil prices 50% below last summer’s prices…

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Valens- 3rd place in FAST 50 in Israel

We are excited to launch our new podcast series for 2015. Our first episode begins with Zvika Lifschitz, CFO of one of Israel’s fastest growing technology companies- Valens. Tune in and…

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SOS Israel App

NowForce offers personal safety apps, cloud-based computer aided dispatch, and mobile response tools for campus security, private security, and public safety organizations, enabling reduced response times. Tune in to this week’s podcast to learn about the SOS…

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Solar energy, Israeli Presidency and lots of in between

Tune into this week’s podcast interviewing Yosef Abromowitz to learn more about solar energy and the impact investor, activist and former candidate for the Israeli Presidency. Enjoy.

sand dunes

The Climb-Rosh Hashana 5775

When I was a kid,​ my late grandmother used to watch a soap opera ​called “The ​Days​ of Our Lives”. The show would open with some dramatic music and a narrator…

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The Future of the Water Industry

What do high-tech, water and professional basket-ball have in common? Tune in to this week’s podcast interviewing our dear friend Assaf Barnea- CEO of Kinrot Ventures and learn why Israel is…

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From Dream to Reality

This week Philip interviews 4 out of the 5 hottest startups in Jerusalem: What their products are about, how they got motivated and why Jerusalem is THE city for Start…

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OVDI – a term you should know more about

How to avoid a serious tax penalty with the new offshore voluntary disclosure initiative? As you might know, foreign bank accounts will start reporting to the IRS providing data about…

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Great Time to be Alive

Tune in to this weeks podcast and get to know Bob Rosenschein- one of Israel’s leading entrepreneurs. We enjoyed hearing his positive take on working hard, having fun and what…

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Businesses Saving in Currency Exchange

Join us on this week’s podcast interviewing veteran banker, Jeff Balsam to find out about the most common mistakes businesses make when having cash flow problems, where you should turn to when making that…

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Joseph Gitler on Leket Israel

Statistics reveal that a quarter of Israelis are living in poverty; among them are 850,000 hungry children. Yet, at the same time, literally hundreds of thousands of tons of perfectly…

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Major Changes in Residential Real Estate

Israel has recently introduced major changes on how gains from residential real estate will be taxed. Were you mistaken to think you needed to sell your property before January 1st?…

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Breaking News | Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative

Is the window starting to close for those foreign residents that have not yet entered into the IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program? The U.S. government is in the process of…

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All about BitCoin

Join Philip and Dave Wolf, partner at Hacohen Wolf  Law Offices discuss  BitCoin and it’s tax ramifications. Enjoy!

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2014 Outlook for Financial Market

What are the questions every investor needs to ask their potential portfolio manager and what went wrong with the pridictions beginning of 2013 regarding the Euro going down the tubes? Get a better understanding of…

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Year- End and 2014

We took the time to summarize relevant tax issues for 2013, as well as sharing some insight on 2014. Wishing you all a very good secular new year!

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Start Ups- this one’s for you

We are very glad to interview Ben Wiener- entrepreneur-friendly venture enthusiast and founder of  Jumpspeed, a micro-fund and venture accelerator based in Jerusalem. Ben co-founded his first start up in 1999 and…

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Predictions in the Hedge Fund Industry

We are very pleased to interview Max Karpel- an Attorney with Kleinberg and Kaplan. Max advises Israeli hedge fund managers in connection with U.S. activities as well as represents U.S….

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Tax Exemptions for Olim and Returning Residents

Tune in to our podcast interviewing Gidi Bar Zakai to learn about the latest changes in tax legislations and exemptions for Olim and returning residents.

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The Latest on Israeli Hi-tech Scene

Join Philip and Barry Levenfeld- a dear colleague, Partner at Yigal Arnon & Co. Law firm and one of the veterans of the Israeli hi-tech scene. Hear his take on…

PStein Podcast

Reimbursement & Product Commercialization Strategies

How will Obamacare affect your company? Get a better understanding of the reimbursement analysis for new and evolving technologies across public and private payers by tuning in to this weeks podcast…

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Meier on Rothschild Tower

Philip interviews Yigal Zemah-Head of the Israeli Office of Berggruen Holdings. Find out more about the ground breaking Meier on Rothschild project receiving nomination from Forbes top 10 leading towers in…

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The Latest Tech Trends

Tune in to “From the Midwest to the Middle East” and learn about the latest trends in the internet and mobile industry. Expert & tech blogger Hillel Fuld who contributes to sites such as…

PStein Podcast

Exclusive WAZE interview

Philip’s Exclusive interview with WAZE Co Founder, Amir Shinar. Tune in to learn about the Israeli navigation app startup which was just acquired by Google for $1.03 billion.

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Labor and Employment Matters with Eric Savage

Learn about the most common mistakes non U.S. corporations make when in the process of setting up a U.S. operation, and how to prevent employment issues in the future. Find…

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The Story of VC Funds

Get a better understanding of the VC world by learning about the industry from the very first Israeli fund throughout the early 90’s, the growing years of the early 2000’s and now by tuning in to…

PStein Podcast

Israeli Pride; The High Tech Scene 2012

In a world that’s becoming more and more competitive, you need to know what’s in and what’s out. This time on “From the Midwest to the Middle East” we are proud…

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Venture Capital- 2013

A window into the investing world- What lies ahead-Israel, Europe, US and China. Tune in to “From the Midwest to the Middle East” and hear Philip discuss the future and current…

PStein Podcast

Doing Business in China

Tune in to our podcast on doing business in China interviewing Richard Cant- Regional Director of the Yangtze River Delta Region for Dezan Shira & Associates to learn about the challenges…

Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash

The Fiscal Cliff

Two main events marked the end of December:  1) Congress and The Obama Administration were battling over the future of the “Bush Tax Cuts” and 2) I was following the…

PStein Podcast

Obama, Bush and The Fiscal Cliff

This time on “From the Midwest” Philip talks about what you should be thinking about regarding the fiscal cliff, expiring tax cuts, 2013 tax changes and more. Tune in.

PStein Podcast

The Individual Investor

US citizens living in Israel- tune in and learn why despite the global orientation your investment and asset management services are not up to speed. See what 2013’s forecast has to offer and get insight from…

shaking hands

“Promises, Promises”

Many of you may have missed the passing of Hal David a few weeks ago, at the age of 91. Mr. David wrote some of the most famous songs that…

PStein Podcast

The Israeli Tax Scene

This time on “From the Midwest to the Middle East” a glimpse into the Israeli tax system.  We enjoyed interviewing Iddan Dinai, a dear colleague and well known Israeli tax attorney….

PStein Podcast

Israel’s Cleantech Industry

Taking advantage of Israel’s prominence as an innovative market leader in the Cleantech industry. Tune it to our podcast interviewing one of the premier players in the Cleantech industry, a dear…

PStein Podcast

Investing in US Real Estate

Investors in U.S. real estate- this one’s for you. Listen to our podcast interviewing Jay Zwiebel, Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Harbor Group Israel, to learn about what’s going on…