Your Corporate Guide to Doing Business in the United States

– Establishing a US entity

– Tax compliance — corporate and sales tax

– Employee benefits and payroll

establishing a business entity in the US
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What you will learn

You’ve made the decision to set up operations in the U.S. The chapters in this eBook will walk you through the basics of what type of entity to choose, the tax filings to expect, options to finance your operations and other pertinent topics. In addition, this eBook will help prepare you for meetings with U.S. legal and tax professionals so you better understand your options when engaging U.S. advisors.

Setting Up the Appropriate Entity

Financing Your U.S. Operations

Employees and Contractors

Equity Awards

About the Authors

Phillip Stein

Philip Stein

Philip has been guiding Israeli startup’s and entrepreneurs since the late 1990’s. He has been an advisor on many successful mergers and acquisitions. Philip prides himself on being up to date with the latest laws which has helped many clients successfully navigate the U.S. tax system.

Fred Kahn

Fred Kahn

Fred draws upon his experience in the U.S. to enable Israeli companies to thrive as they enter the U.S. market. He works with VC funds, startup companies and their founders to ensure that they are fully covered with all U.S. tax obligations. He also serves as an advisor and strategist on cross border issues.

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