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Form W8 comes in various versions, including W-8BEN, W-8BENE , and W8-IMY.

As a non-U.S. citizen, you may be asked to fill out a W8 by your bank or financial institution to identify your U.S. tax status as non-American.

U.S. citizens will be asked to fill out a W9 form.

  • The different W-8 forms are for different types of entities or people:
    • The W-8BEN is for non-U.S. individuals  
    • The W-8BENE is for non-U.S. corporations or trusts
    • The W-8IMY is for non-U.S. partnerships

If you are registered as a financial institution, you will be required to submit your GIIN number, which we can help you apply for.

You may be surprised to be asked for this form, but it is standard practice. Be in touch with one of our advisors to discuss whether you may have other filing requirements that require attention.