We’re Here For You March 15th, 2020

With the latest updates regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we first want to send you our thoughts and wishes for safety, strength, and health to everyone whose lives have been impacted. We hope for everyone to stay well and for this to pass as soon as possible.


We want to assure you that we are committed to working through this time as best as possible. In terms of technology, we are fortunate that the Coronavirus happened in 2020 and not in 2000. Today our firm is cloud-based and our employees can work remotely. We have invested in technology that will enable you to communicate with your associate and for them to work on your tax returns remotely. Some employees will still come into our offices as well. Also, our website, portal and lines of communication via email, phone or Zoom are all open. We ask that clients do not come into the office for in-person meetings at this current time, but be in touch via other outlets.


Additionally, we cannot say enough about our dedicated associates and management team. We have been working for over 10 days to optimize our ability to continue to serve you. Their dedication to the firm and you, our clients, is admirable. We are confident that during this week our staff will fine-tune how we will be working during this challenging time and update you accordingly.


On more of a personal note, since the founding Philip Stein & Associates Ltd. In 1979 we have been through many dramatic events and challenges. During the last 41 years we have dealt with:


  1. Several wars
  2. Scuds and sealed rooms
  3. Hyperinflation
  4. Currency devaluations and replacements of currencies (Lirot to Shekels and Shekels to New Israel Shekels)
  5. Two Intifadas
  6. Freezing of Bank Stocks
  7. Compulsory government loans
  8. Israeli and U.S. tax reforms
  9. Snowstorms and power outages
  10. Extended reserve duty


We were very, very fortunate to come through all of the above. During all of the above challenges, we worked hard, were flexible and stayed open to serve our clients. Today we will add the Coronavirus to the above list. We hope to get past this challenge safely and quickly.


Finally, we want to personally thank you for your loyalty, support and patience during these times.


Stay safe and healthy,


Philip Stein and Associates

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