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Philip Stein and Associates The Premier Accounting Firm in Israel

Choosing the right accountant is crucial. People are looking for different things when choosing an accountant, but some attributes are essential to most. They are undoubtedly looking for someone who has expert knowledge in their field, and they are also looking for someone who will put the customer first when acting on their behalf. Good customer service is key, the customer must feel comfortable working with their accountant and feel they are approachable and knowledgeable.

For U.S. citizens living in Israel, making sure they are fully compliant with U.S. taxes is always a worry. Many are unaware of their requirements to file taxes in the U.S. and find themselves in a difficult situation when the U.S. taxman comes knocking. Others are aware of their obligations but need expert advice to ensure that they do so to their advantage when they file. Questions may arise periodically, for instance, regarding investments, where getting the right advice for their situation is absolutely crucial.  A mistake could cost them financially in the long term.

U.S. citizens living in Israel have added complications, so choosing an accountancy firm that understands their predicament and is available during Israeli working hours rather than American hours is a real bonus. Some people also like to meet with their accountant, discuss matters, and sign papers in person rather than digitally.

Philip Stein and Associates, based out of Jerusalem, Ramat Gan, and Beit Shemesh, was established in 1979 and specializes in U.S. tax services. Our expertise and professionalism have provided us with the privilege of working with generations of clients since our founding, serving as their dedicated CPA firm in Israel. We are especially suited to working with people who hold both U.S. and Israeli citizenship.

We are committed to providing clients with expertise in U.S. taxes in Israel, the U.S., and abroad, addressing concerns regarding catch-up filings, tax refunds, and child tax credits, filing an FBAR or FATCA, and all other tax-related needs. We are strictly dedicated to principles of trust, excellent customer service, experience, and professionalism. Philip Stein & Associates provides strategic tax planning and accounting services to established corporations, startup companies, and individuals that need help navigating the U.S. tax system. 

It is certainly possible for an individual to file their taxes digitally without the use of an accountant. Many people do this successfully, especially when their situations are straightforward. However, by using the services of a reputable and knowledgeable accountant such as Phillip Stein and Associates, you can be assured that not only will all your tax documents be filed correctly but we will advise you on how to minimize your tax liabilities and gain credits where they are due. Often, being a dual citizen can produce complications that an individual may be unaware of concerning filing annual taxes, the FBAR, or FATCA. So employing an accountant knowledgeable in these issues is an advantage.

Philip Stein and Associates are approachable and would be happy to discuss your accountancy needs with you.